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Tips For Grantwriting

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

I promised to let readers of this blog know about cool articles I come across and today I found a very informative one. Judy Kunofsky, of consulting firm, Zimmerman Lehman, wrote an article called Ten Tips For Grantwriting. In her ten tips Judy mentions a handful of items that I take for granted and I likely would not have talked about them. Three of her tips: 1. Tell the foundation how your project matches their priorities, 2. Echo the foundation’s language, and 3. Ask someone in-house to read your proposal, are topics I cover in my book and you’ll tire of hearing me say here. But one of her tips, the first one in her list of ten, is worthy of singling out. She states, “Pay more attention to describing your program than your philosophy.”  I like this tip. You often have a limited word count when you write grant proposals. Get to the heart of the request quickly and while you’re there elaborate on what matters to the potential funder! Judy also states, “Groups are often weakest in describing what they plan to do if this particular grant is funded.”  She’s right. Don’t leave out this valuable information. And remind the funder that their support will make it all possible. To read Judy’s full article click here.