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Five Reasons You Should Apply for a Government Grant

Friday, January 14th, 2011

1. If you don’t, other organizations will.

Other organizations will apply in the droves. Your colleagues in the community will get the $100,000+ grant, the publicity, and the prestige. Your managers may ask why you didn’t apply since you provide the same, if not better, programs.

2. They fund things no one else will.

You may have needs that are difficult to entice other funders to support. Items like building new restrooms or renovating your parking lot might not be on the top list of priorities for community funders.

3. They award BIG DOLLAR grants.

Government grants are often big. Typically they are above $10,000 and I’ve seen as high as a $350,000 award. Yes, the applications can be time-consuming to complete, but look at the possible return. Besides, if you follow the steps I talk about—here, in my book, and radio show—you’ll learn how to take it one step at a time.

4. The application requires you to really think about the project.

Government applications ask questions that you can’t give wishy-washy answers to. You have to think the project through and thoroughly discuss how you will plan for, implement, and evaluate the project.

5. The esteem of the grant gains IN-HOUSE respect.

Gaining in-house support for every grant proposal is essential. Whether you’re applying for a $1,000 grant or a million dollar grant, internal buy-in is necessary to ensure the project will be successfully implemented.