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Where to Find Grant Proposal Samples, Part II

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Other than online, where else can you find grant proposal samples?

1. Look at your internal files.

Has your organization ever applied for a grant? If so, you’re in luck. You have some history to learn from. (See Part I to review what you’re hoping to learn from reading). But if you’re the first in your organization to write a grant proposal, don’t worry. The Grant Whisperer is here to help.

2. Look at the grantor’s web site.

The funder you are applying to may have grant samples on their web site. Some funders may have a grant orientation meeting where they provide grant samples. Government agencies are great at providing grant samples to prospective applicants. Which is fabulous since their applications can be cumbersome.

3. Visit your library.

Your library’s reference section may have a book with grant proposal samples. Your librarian may even be able to help you locate sources for grant proposal samples. (My book will be coming soon)!

4. Ask a colleague.

Whatever industry your organization falls under there is a colleague you can call. A colleague from a local non-competing industry may be willing to show you a successful proposal. For example, say your organization is an art museum; perhaps you have a connection to someone at the women’s shelter, which is, generally speaking, a non-competing industry as far as grants go. Also, a colleague from a long distance ‘similar’ industry may feel unthreatened sharing a sample with you. Say your art museum is in Topeka, Kansas. Most likely, a San Francisco art museum isn’t competing for the same grant dollars that you are. Perhaps your executive director or other staff has a connection to an organization that is happy to help out.