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Where to Find Grant Proposal Samples, Part I

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

If you’re new to grantwriting, one thing I recommend is for you to locate and read grant proposal samples before attempting to write one yourself. You have much to gain by reading proposal samples such as: get a sense of how to tackle certain questions, see how the proposal is structured, learn the types of questions that may be asked, and become familiar with grant writing styles. Also, by reading proposals, you can see that they are not mysterious, intimidating documents, but rather, something that you, yourself can gain confidence to write.

Where do you find grant proposal samples? Below are a few places to look.

Online sites such as the Colorado Grants web site, which provides 3 samples at:

and the School Grants web site provides several education-related samples at:

Be wary when searching for grant samples online. There are many websites that seem like they provide samples but when you get there, you discover that they are advertisements for you to hire grant services or they want you to buy something.