The Frankenstein Grant Proposal

Written by Victoria M. Johnson on March 28th, 2012

I had fun over on my Blog Talk Radio Show today.

What happens after you have written a great grant proposal and your executive director wants the input of several people in your organization before you submit it? You get a Frankenstein Grant Proposal! The Grant Whisperer shows you how to salvage your proposal and your sanity.

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  1. Lowell Major says:

    Wow – great show! I never thought about it that way. We’ve found some great grants on Grant Watch then collaborated like that and didn’t win them. When we just collaborated on finding the grants then one person wrote the whole thing – we won nearly ever one we applied for.

    • Victoria M. Johnson says:

      Thank you for your comments and your sharing a great website. Interesting that you had the same experience with too many grant writers for one proposal! Come back and visit again and good luck with your grant writing.

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