About the Author

Victoria M. Johnson, CFRE has been a successful grant writer for over 12 years, including fundraising for zoo, education, library, and art organizations. Her professional and volunteer work led her to write a book, Grant Writing 101: Everything You Need To Start Raising Funds Today, to help all those friends who ask her for grant writing advice. She blogs to further help those in need of grant writing tips, inspiration, and an occasional kick in the pants. She’s an energetic speaker at workshops and conferences, and she interviews fundraising experts on her Blog Talk radio show. She truly believes that we can change the world, one grant at a time.


A colleague asked me why I wrote the grantwriting book.  I told her, “You know what, I participated in an “Ask the Expert” panel last year. And the people who came for advice… wow, I was so impressed by them. They included a young lady who worked for a job-training center, and a woman from an elementary school, and a gentleman from a music for kids program, and they only got 15 minutes each to ask questions of the experts they stopped to talk to. I sure wished I had more time with them. They were in the trenches every day and so dedicated, and each trying to make a difference in the lives of the individuals their organizations served. And I thought there had to be a way to give them more guidance and encouragement. It’s the same with friends who volunteer at charities and nonprofits; they’ll call me and ask a grantwriting question. And of course I can’t tell them everything they need to know in one call. They didn’t need to know how to write just one grant, they needed to learn how to strengthen their organizations. So I realized if I wrote a book, I could answer a ton of questions, for thousands of people. That’s how the book came to be.”