Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits

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I provided a podcast over at BlogTalkRadio that you’ll want to listen to.  I talked about social media strategies to earn funds for your cause.  Social media gives organizations like yours opportunities to share your mission, build a community of supporters and raise funds! With Social Media non-profits can tell their organizational stories in order […]

How To Win Grants From Banks

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Banks are a source of grant funding you may not have tried.  The first question on your mind may be: where do I find bank grant opportunities?  Banks are everywhere, in every state and every community.  However, banks vary greatly in their grant making programs, and some may have no formal program at all.  Those […]

Lessons I Learned From Jane Goodall

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I had the privilege of meeting Jane Goodall in person.  She was the featured speaker at the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) conference in San Diego.  At the time I didn’t know why Jane Goodall would be invited to a fundraising conference—after all she has spent her entire career in jungles with chimpanzees—but I was […]

The Foundation Center

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Fundraisers: Here are some free online classes that may interest you. The Foundation Center is a fantastic resource for nonprofits, grantwriters, and development officers. While there are numerous educational opportunities out there, The Foundation Center is a trustworthy source offering free as well as fee courses. Also check out their free online tutorials: The Foundation […]

Is a Fundraising House Party Right For Your Organization?

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Fundraising house parties can be an exciting way to earn funds for your cause. How do you know if house parties are right for your organization? How do you organize one? The Grant Whisperer answers the age-old question ‘should you bring a llama to a house party’ and more over at BlogTalkRadio. The episode gives […]

The Frankenstein Grant Proposal

March 28, 2012 by · 2 Comments  

I had fun over on my Blog Talk Radio Show today. What happens after you have written a great grant proposal and your executive director wants the input of several people in your organization before you submit it? You get a Frankenstein Grant Proposal! The Grant Whisperer shows you how to salvage your proposal and […]

A Dose of Inspiration…

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As you create your song, may you help others with theirs and may your song and theirs be one of great hope. Unknown

Are You Smarter Than A Sixth-Grader?

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My sixth-grader grand daughter just received the astounding news that she won a scholarship to Space Camp!  She went through an excruciating application process that would bring many adults to tears.  I’m bringing this up for two reasons.  First, I’m an incredibly proud grandmother.  Second, I think you might learn something from her experience. Her […]

Celebrating Success

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After a three-year fundraising effort, I’m pleased to say the incredible team I’ve worked with, and I, have recently celebrated a major success—the grand opening of a new library.  The board members, community volunteers, town leaders, and residents all came together to make the dream possible.  This phenomenal type of success doesn’t happen everyday.  It’s […]

The Importance of Community Support

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Of all the elements that must find their way into a grant proposal, there’s one that may get overlooked. This is the element of community support. Include it and you’ll strengthen your proposal; leave it out and you may get a rejection letter. If all things are equal in two proposals, and one clearly demonstrates […]

How To Create An Annual Development Plan

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Special Guest Beth Williams, CFRE, visited the Grant Whisperer to offer her expertise and advice for creating an Annual Development Plan for your organization. She discussed how a development plan helps your organization build the structure for all your fundraising programs: Grant Writing, Direct Mail, Special Events, Major Gifts, Planned Giving and Donor Recognition. Beth also […]

Giving Circles—A Fundraising Opportunity

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I recently attended a workshop on Giving Circles at a local AFP Chapter meeting. Four panelists from diverse communities talked about how their Giving Circle organizations are making an impact in their communities. But first, let me describe what a giving circle is. A giving circle is a group of individuals who pool their funds […]

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