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Are You Smarter Than A Sixth-Grader?

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

My sixth-grader grand daughter just received the astounding news that she won a scholarship to Space Camp!  She went through an excruciating application process that would bring many adults to tears.  I’m bringing this up for two reasons.  First, I’m an incredibly proud grandmother.  Second, I think you might learn something from her experience.

  1. Her scholarship award was extremely competitive.  Yet, she applied anyway.  Sometimes organizations pass up highly competitive grant opportunities because the slim chance of winning doesn’t justify the amount of work required.
  2. It took a lot of time and effort to gather and/or create all the required attachments to the application.  Yet, she meticulously gathered and/or created each item.  In her case she didn’t have any of the items and so she started from scratch.  Your organization may already have some of the required attachments, so it may take you less time than you think to create an application package.
  3. It’s difficult to sort through a daunting application package. Yet, she thoroughly read and followed all the instructions. You must carefully review application requirements and have another set of eyes go over the checklist with you to ensure nothing is overlooked.  After all the time taken on an application, you don’t want to hear that you were rejected for not following directions.
  4. It’s easy to give up and put your focus on something easier. Yet, she kept her eye on her goal.  She really, really wants to attend Space Camp.  Science is her favorite subject and the scholarship is the only way she can go on this science adventure.  For fundraisers, it may be the prestige of winning a special grant, or the higher level of support, or any number of reasons that lead us to pursue highly competitive grants.  The thing is, the grant is going to go to somebody.  It won’t be your organization if you don’t apply.

If a sixth-grader can do it, so can you.  For more inspiration, here’s a link to an earlier post:  Are You Smarter Than A Fifth-Grader?

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