Special Guest – Karen Kwan “Grant Writing For The Arts”

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Listen in as Karen Kwan shares her secret tips for arts organizations seeking grants. She also discusses how storytelling can make a powerful difference. Karen Kwan specializes in institutional giving and grants management, having served as an independent grant writing consultant and development staff at various non-profit arts organizations in Silicon Valley, including San Jose […]

Three Ways To Improve Your Persuasion Skills

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If you’re a grantwriter it stands to reason that you’ll need to sharpen your communication skills. You’ll be called upon to write clear, accurate, error-free proposals. But there’s one other communication skill that isn’t frequently mentioned in job descriptions. The skill of persuasion. Persuasion is the ability to influence, to win over, and perhaps change […]

Ethics and Grantwriting

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Ensure that you inform potential grantors with accurate information, a truthful history, real accomplishments, and correct budgets, etc.
Do not exaggerate. Do not mislead. Do not lie.
Do not cover up information that would make a funder turn you down.

Five Rookie Mistakes To Avoid

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Common errors can prevent your organization from winning a grant. Learn what traps to watch for and avoid. The Grant Whisperer will show you what to do for success.

A Dose of Inspiration…

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If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, and become more, you have succeeded in life. John Quincy Adams

Charity Auction Lessons from a Princess

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Do you have a charity auction in mind for your organization? Are you planning the traditional and familiar, or will you add an unusual element to your event? Well, if we take the lessons learned from Princess Beatrice, here’s how to hold a successful auction…

Royal Fundraising Advice from Sarah Duchess of York

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I had the pleasure of hearing Sarah Duchess of York speak at the Association of Fundraising Professionals international conference in Seattle. In case you didn’t know, the duchess has been involved with several charities in Britain and internationally.

Japan Struck By Massive Quake and Tsunami

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The 8.9 Friday earthquake and resulting tsunami has devastated Japan, leaving hundreds dead, thousands homeless, and enormous damage in its wake. Aid relief is already underway. And organizations have stepped up to provide a means to accept donations for the disaster victims…

Tie Your Grant Proposals To The Funder’s Interests

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Yes, your organization’s mission is vitally important. We’ve discussed that your mission is why your organization exists. Your mission also guides organizational decision-making and it gives the organization a sense of direction. In other words…

What I Learned Today About Fundraising

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I attended my local Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) meeting to hear Rebecca Tseng Smith talk about donor-centered fundraising. She offered many amazing tips from her many years of experience in fundraising for major universities. Rebecca currently works at Stanford University. The most interesting thing she pointed out…

Guerilla Grantwriting Tactics

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Are you fed up with grant request rejections? Are you at a loss how to improve your chances of winning grant funding? Are you ready to throw in the towel? Don’t give up! You’ve come to the right place. The Grant Whisperer will…

How Stories Can Strengthen Your Grant Proposals

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Special guest Andy Goodman visited on the February 2nd episode to talk about Storytelling the Next Big Thing. He talked about the 6 categories of stories and how you as fundraisers and grant writers could use each type of story in your organization to advance your mission.

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